Top 10 Most Expensive Burgers In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Burgers In The World

Today we’re taking a look at some of the most wonderful meals that have gripped the hearts of people all over the world, a grip made of both love and cholesterol. The burger is one of those guilty pleasures that most of us just can’t resist.

The origins the hamburger go back to Germany in the 18th century, where a type of minced beef called frick Adela was served between two slices of bread. the town where this first originated was called Hamburg, so you can see where it got its name from.

However, the origins of the America hamburger is something that’s hotly contested Texans are certain that Fletcher Davis was the first to serve a hamburger back in 1880, while new yorkers and tulsans also lay claim to the birthplace of the American hamburger, wherever it looks like it’s here to stay.

Chefs from all over the world have invented their own take on the original beef patty between two slices of bread, and some of them have even become ridiculously expensive, hem a list was about to share with you highlights all of the most expensive burgers ever to be sold.

#10 – The X BURGER $160.

so, we start with a burger that although is ridiculously expensive for a single meal is actually within most people’s price range if they really want to treat themselves and love quality burgers, this burger can be found in the south Korean capital of Seoul at the w hotel., it is made of a pair of the finest Australian wagyu beef and topped with a daunting array of black truffles pine mushrooms fresh asparagus and a lobster tail the sides include a tomato salsa red wine truffle sauce and a red wine an ollie, and there’s also tomatoes and anions just to keep things traditional.

#9 – Richard Nouveau BURGER $175

The name Richard Nouveau is played on words from the French saying nouveau rich meaning new money it refers t people who have gotten rich fast rather through aristocratic inheritance, this sharp burger can be found at the wall street burger shop in New York right near the famous stock exchange.

The burgers name reflects the jocks that rich stockbrokers have the luxury of making about themselves one they are the rich archetypes o Nouveau rich in every way, the burger is made from a delectable lean American steak mince topped white 25 grams of grated truffles aged gruyere cheese, fragra and flakes of real gold, for the decadent wolves of wall street. this burger truly lives up to its name and location of residence.

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