20 Famous People with Bizarre Habits

20 Famous People with Bizarre Habits

Sometimes other famous people’s habits bizarre and actions make us smile and we might think about how weird this person probably is. But thanks to these little idiosyncrasies we are each different, unique, and funny.

We at mysmartideas put together a few curious facts about the Famous People. Some of them were really odd, some of them were quite adorable, but some of them were so tragically bizarre that you could simply be grateful that you’re not neighbors with people like the French composer Erik Satie or the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo. It’s easy to say why after you get to know their peculiar character traits, that made them really unique and bizarre.

1- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart And His Sense Of Humour

Mozart, the sound and face of classical music. From the dramatic “Lacrimosa” to the playful “Magic Flute”, Mozart has conquered the pages of music history books for centuries. Yet there’s a little detail about the man himself which is often overlooked. Mozart really liked… Fart jokes. In fact, he was a little bit too much into this kind of stuff. He even wrote a piece which requires 6 voices to be performed which is called “Leck mich im Arsch”. If you think that that sounds similar to “lick me in the arse”, then… well, you are right. As someone put it “Mozart puts the ‘ass’ in the classical”.

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